Prison Perimeters

Mesmer™ provides proactive security measures to allow prison authorities to enforce perimeters to prevent the use of drones to deliver contraband. Prisons all over the world are seeing attempts to smuggle narcotics, cell-phones, weapons and other illicit material to inmates. Mesmer™ prevents drones from penetrating perimeters, alerts the authorities and lands the drone in a secured space for subsequent recovery and investigation.

Military Security

Military forces face asymmetric threats from enemies who can use drones for reconnaissance and attack. Mesmer™ systems can be integrated with military defence systems on land or sea to allow security of our military forces to be capable and reliable. Enemy drones can be interdicted, dealt with safely and under clear control. Mesmer™ allows wide flexibility to deal with a broad range of threat scenarios.

Public Protection

At public events such as sports, concerts, malls, or anywhere where there is population density, the public are vulnerable to drones which could crash causing injury. The use of drones by irresponsible individuals can be deterred by law but Mesmer™ actively prevents drones from posing this threat, providing those responsible for public safety with an effective and capable tool.

Department 13Transforming networks and communications

Currently D13 is developing a commercial counter drone platform. Our platform uses sophisticated and novel methods to manipulate drones allowing users to automatically detect drones and stop, redirect, or safely land them.

Our solution is ideal for both commercial and defense/security organizations to deal with the emerging threat of ubiquitous autonomous systems. Our counter-drone solution offers the best of Department 13’s innovative technologies and deep experience.

D13 Press Releases

Department 13 Establishes A Strategic Relationship With Booz Allen Hamilton

29 March 2016

Highlights:Department 13 International Ltd (D13) creates a strategic relationship with Booz Allen Hamilton. Booz Allen will be a preferred systems […]

Aiming To Have Counter Drone Products in Production for 2016

10 February 2016

Department 13 (ASX Code: D13) (“D13”) has successfully conducted two recent demonstrations for senior personnel representing US government agencies and […]

D13 Insights

The Incendiary Device in Your Drone

17 June 2016

By Robi Sen, Founder and CTO Here at Department 13 we spend a lot of time examining the total threat […]

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Department 13 is selected to compete in the MITRE Challenge!

04 June 2016

The MITRE Challenge: Countering Unauthorized Unmanned Aircraft Systems UAS Challenge Finalists Selected Eight finalists have been selected to compete in […]

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